About Our Products

We use dried lavender buds and steam distilled lavender essential oil to make a variety of products including soaps, moisturizers, sachets, and room sprays.

All of Catskill Mountain Lavender's products are hand made in small batches using high quality, and when available, organic ingredients. In creating our formulas a main goal was to have the beautiful lavender scent shine through, while keeping our ingredients lists as simple as possible. All of the oils and butters we use in our bath and body products are suitable for many skin types, but please check the ingredient lists for any known allergens before making a purchase. While we do include a preservative where necessary to maintain safety and extend shelf-life, for best results please plan to use our bath and body products within a year of purchase.  

We hope you will love using Catskill Mountain Lavender's products as much as we do! If you have any questions you would like answered before you make your purchase, please reach out to us at sales@catskillmountainlavender.com.