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Soap Set

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Soap set has a 8 oz Lavender Bar Soap, Soap Lift, Waterfall Soap Dish

Lavender Bar Soap

We worked for almost a year to develop a bar soap that was gentle yet cleansing, with a good balance of rich and bubbly lather, and a beautiful lavender aroma. As this is a handcrafted soap, no two bars are exactly the same. We recommend using a soap dish or soap lifter to keep your bar out of standing water which will help it last longer.

One 4 oz bar

Ingredients: Olive oil, distilled water, coconut oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, lavender essential oil, castor oil, sodium lactate, citric acid, arrow root powder, titanium dioxide, ultramarine oxide


Original Soap Lift

The Soap Lift® is the first of its kind.  The Soap Lift keeps your favorite bar soap high and dry, lifting it out of standing water so it dries faster and lasts longer!  Made with bioplastic and is recyclable.

Waterfall Soap Dish

The Waterfall Dish was specially designed to pair with the Soap Lift® to keep your soap even higher & drier!  The subtle spout on the front of the dish allows water to drain away preventing unsightly precipitate that occurs when water evaporates. Say goodbye to hard water stains like rust or calcium, and wave farewell to any standing water!