Visitor’s Responsibilities

Pursuant to NY GOL, Section 18-303, You Pick Lavender participants a have the responsibility to:

  • Exercise reasonable care regarding the disclosed risks of the agricultural activity
  • Reasonably comply with posted directional signs
  • Reasonably remain in areas designated for agricultural tourism activity
  • Reasonably follow all conspicuously posted rules of conduct or verbal communication
  • Not to willfully remove, deface, alter or otherwise damage signage, warning devices or implements or other safety devices

Right to Refund: You Pick Lavender participants have the right to a refund of the amount paid in the initial sale of the tickets. The right to a refund is conditioned on the purchaser’s “declaration” to the operator that the participant is unprepared or unwilling to accept the inherent risks of the on-farm activity or assume the duty of reasonable care imposed on the visitor upon the return of the tickets unused and intact.